The Reason Why Every one Should Get A League of Legends Account

This question has been talked about for ages and although official League of Legends staff will tell you that owning a LoL smurf is bad, we here to help you understand It is anything but.

Learning To Play A New Role

Speaking from experience learning a new role is hard. I was a support main for many years and learning a new role is way harder thank you may think.

this is because it’s difficult to get better when you’re not in a challenging environment, and of course you probably do not wish to see all your cherished elo slip leaving you in Bronze V. You also want to avoid being flamed at by rude people for being kinda bad as first time Katarina.

In that case you require a third choice, unless of course you like being told that you’re silver scrub and need nothing more than to have your elo trickle away.

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Playing On A Different Region

Plenty of people have got an online friend these days and it’s probable that a few of them live in a foreign region. If you want to duo with them then there are 2 ways you can make it happen:

You can change servers but this starts to add up over time. Unless you have money to burn then picking up a League of Legends Smurf is the only solution. This info also goes for men who are abroad by the military. Having to be away from home can be a pain anyway, so why abandon LoL too?

You can understand why you might want an account in a foreign server, but it can also apply to those looking to enjoy LoL whilst overseas on holiday. Having said that thousands of players from all around the world spend tons of cash so they can play on an Bronze LoL account. Why on earth would they do this? Read on to find out!

Why Throw Away Money On A Bronze Smurf?

We’ve done lots of research into this, and what we’ve managed to uncover could shock you. First off. there is a complication that effects plenty of League of Legends players every year: That bubbly unranked friend.

They might be the cheeriest guy you have ever come across. The minute you get onto LoL he’s ready. First he hits you with the: “Hi, feel like playing some games? 😊”and of course you have to say no. Why? Because, it’s either that or you join his match and weep as your league points get flushed away.

That’s one option you could always try ghosting him, which will eventually sow the seeds of resentment, particularly if you ignore him and then instantly go in a match the minute he is in one.

The fix is fairly simple, just buy a League of Legends smurf. That way you’re able to play matches with your bad pal and also gain some compliments to boot, after all, you’re helping them climb the ladder, and the fact that you’re smashing scrubs is a extra treat.

Thanks to bad decisions made to the game, you can no longer play with players who are 2 ranked divisions beneath them, but by smurfing you have an excellent solution. And, it means you are able to pick up a couple of epic skins to boot, which brings us to our next point.

Smurfing Gets You Some Excellent Style Points

Why do people spend an incredible amount of bucks on trousers that have nothing but the fact that they are made by a costly brand? Because of the same reason they pay a bunch of money on fancy cars and houses.

Humans like showing off, and for an excellent reason too – people will act differently around you if they think you have some type of status, and the same is true LoL. If you happen to own some great cosmetic changes then your pals will be impressed, and immediately think you know more about LoL than you really do.

Another reason you might want to pick up a account is because you’re a feeder.

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Showing Off Your Gold Banner

Like the reasons mentioned above, owning a highly rated account will win you mountains of attention. Along with that, a Challenger smurf will be guaranteed toget you the years rare Victorious skin. not to mention the fact that possessing a smurf means you can hold onto it for a couple of seasons and then sell it as most rare skins will only gain value over time, which means that you can look hot for a few months then sell the account for plenty of bucks!

To Wrap It Up

We are sure that our many reasons has made you decide to buy a League of Legends smurf but be careful of which stores you pick them up from, as the majority of them will leave you waiting for an account that will never be delivered, so to avoid this be certain to read up on different sellers.

If you follow these steps then you will find plenty of enjoyment from your great LoL account!

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