The Key Reason Why Everybody Needs To Buy A League of Legends Account

If you’re a player who wishes to improve their place in the social hierarchy and be seen as a League of Legends pro then smurfing is probably for you.

Learning A Different Role

Speaking from experience learning a new role is hard. I was someone who mained support for 4 seasons and learning a brand new role is way harder thank you may think.

this is because it’s very tricky to improve yourself when you’re not in a challenging environment, and of course you most likely don’t wish to witness all your precious league points slip down the toilet. You also want to avoid being raged at by obnoxious players for being kinda bad as first time Yasuo.

Well you require a third choice, unless of course you enjoy being told that you’re a disgrace and need nothing more than to have your elo fade away.

Playing On A Different Region

Most people have an online friend nowadays and it’s more than likely that plenty of them live in a foreign country. If you desire to duo with them then there are two ways you can make it happen:

The first option is to change servers but this can cost an arm and a leg over time. Unless you have money to burn then picking up a LoL smurf is your only choice. This info also goes for people who are overseas by the army. Having to be away from home can be tricky anyway, so why go through the suffering of quitting LoL too?

You can see why you would want an account in a foreign server, but it also applies to those looking to play whilst overseas on vacation. Having said that many people from all across the globe spend mountains of cash just to play on an Bronze LoL smurf. Why on earth would they do this? Find the answer down below!

League of Legends Gameplay

Why Would Anyone Throw Away Money On A Low Level Smurf?

We have done tons of digging into this, and what we’ve found could surprise you. For example. there’s a predicament that effects plenty of LoL players every season: That bubbly Bronze friend.

They might be the cheeriest player you have ever come across. The second you get onto LoL he’s waiting. First he sends something like: “Hey there, wanna play? =)”and of course you have to say no. Why? Because, it’s either that or you join the game and weep as your LP disappear.

That is one possibility you could always try ignoring him, which will eventually sow the seeds of resentment, especially if you ignore him and then immediately go in a match the moment he’s in one.

The solution is fairly simple, just grab a LoL account. That way you’re able to play matches with your Bronze friend and also gain some praise to boot, after all, you are boosting their LP, and the fact that you are destroying low elo players is a nice bonus.

Thanks to bad decisions made to the game, you can no longer play with people who are two ranked divisions beneath them, but by smurfing you have an great loophole. And, it means you are able to pick up some epic skins to boot, which brings us to our next point.

Smurfing Gets You Some Excellent Style Points

Why do folks spend an insane amount of money on jackets that have nothing but the fact that they’re made by a popular brand? Because of the same reason they pay a bunch of money on costly cars and houses.

Folks get a kick out of flaunting, and for an excellent reason too – men and women alike will act differently around you if they think you have some form prestige, and the same is true League of Legends. If you own some cool cosmetic changes then your buddies will be impressed, and automatically think you know more about LoL than you do.

Another reason you might want to purchase a smurf is because you’re a flamer.

Owning Your Gold Banner

Like the reasons mentioned above, owning a Diamond account will get you plenty of attention. In addition to that, a Diamond smurf will be guaranteed toget you the years shiny Victorious skin. Plus possessing a smurf means you have the ability to keep it for a couple of months and then sell it on since most old skins will only gain value over time, meaning you can look hot for a few months then get rid of the account for more than you got it for!

To Wrap It Up

We’re sure that our list of benefits has made you decide to obtain a League of Legends account but be careful of which sellers you pick them up from since the majority of them will leave you waiting for an account that will never be delivered. If you want to avoid this make sure you do your research and view league of legends accounts.

If you do then you’ll find plenty of enjoyment from your amazing League of Legends smurf!

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